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This page shares feedback from personal experiences of a Reflexology treatment.

Every treatment is unique and  your body takes from it what it needs.

The effects of reflexology are holistic and cumulative. allow your body its own time to tune in, relax and flow into well~being.

Gently returning to your Natural Balance.

Emily was very professional and made me feel at ease and comfortable to talk about anything. I did not expect to enjoy the treatment as I don't like my feet being touched usually! Emily encouraged me to be more aware of my own body and not to ignore pain. I felt more positive after each session and that can only be a good thing!

​Having the opportunity to talk through body concerns was important to me, gained great advice and better understanding of body functions that I was previously not aware of but most of all received great touch and varying pressure that has supported several relaxing and rejuvenating sessions. Genuine thanks.

I have found regular reflexology has helped on several levels; sleeping, eye problems, back pain, hemorrhoids and general well being without the need to take tablets. After years of restricted movement in my shoulder it has eased completely. I also feel I am taking better care of myself all round due to better knowledge of looking after myself. It really is a great therapy which I very much enjoy and will continue. Thank you Emily x
Reflexology treatments, pre-holiday, helped me overcome the constipation I always get when travelling abroad!

Yesterday I had the most amazing Reflexology session with the beautiful Emily Doherty. Emily's reflexology is totally next level. While she is very pragmatic, intuitive, scientific and cool about it, she took me into a deep trance and gave me one of the best therapeutic experiences I have ever had.

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