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Life is about balance. Trying to maintain the best equilibrium you can in world of constant change, high speed and ups and downs. Day to day demands on our time, attention and energy can throw us off kilter, have us running to catch up, or simply grind us to a halt. It's a challenge. It's not impossible.

Aches, pains, tension, are our bodies way of communication. Being able to recognize and address these early warning signs is a great way to maintain our health. Prevention is better than cure!


Our bodies have the innate capacity to self heal. Reflexology is a perfectly natural way to assist our body with this task. Let's help them out...


Thank you for visiting my page. If you've come this far, you're half way there... regular self care is not easy to factor in to busy schedules. Looking after ourselves can sometimes be waaayy down the priority list. A luxury. A selfish act. Something other people get to do.


However, I believe creating space and time for your self is about self respect, self preservation and survival. Most importantly self love. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey, creating your own balance and well-being. Your worth it!


Through applying pressure on reflexes in the feet, reflexology relaxes our nervous system, promotes circulation flow and helps to release toxins along the path.


Reflexology works with our body's natural energy channels. Relax, re-connect and release. Well-being is about the mental, physical and emotional aspects of SELF. As a holistic therapy, reflexology encompasses your whole being; your mind, body and soul.

"Energy flows where intention goes"

We are all simply energy and if the flow becomes blocked, runs low or is unbalanced our body lets us know.


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Natural Balance Clinical Reflexology Palma, Mallorca
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